Jobs don't come easy!

Having to compete for work is a fact of life and securing the job you want takes a lot of effort. It is so much more than just punting your CV and hoping for the best. You have to 'market' yourself.

“Market myself?  I’m no good at that!”

Maybe, maybe not. I agree it doesn’t come easy for everyone and that’s where I help. There’s a great deal of information on the web that goes a long way to bolster the state provision of job search services, which can be patchy. So I recommend you use the web and any free local Job Centre help. The web is great but can be daunting. What these resources may struggle to do is inspire us, grow our self-confidence and motivate us to act. That’s where face-to-face coaching works.

So are you stuck?

If it’s your CV, then I can help you work out the type of CV you need, what to say and how to say it.

If it’s your Confidence that needs building, we’ll look at your strengths, skills and talents. We may use a questionnaire or two to help us with this. We’ll discuss what contributions you will bring to your new employer or your new job. We’ll practice interview skills so you’re actually looking forward to the interview with confidence.

If it’s Inspiration you need, as in “I don’t know what I want to do” for example, then we’ll work together to find what truly appeals to you and how to move towards it. 

If it’s Motivation that’s lacking, we’ll find what’s getting in the way and deal with it.

If it’s ‘Marketing Myself’ that’s daunting, we’ll make a plan and I’ll support you carry it out.

If you fancy independence then maybe Going Self-employed is for you. We will look at your options and how to get started.

What’s important is…

…that you don’t delay making your occupation meet your needs and be as fulfilling and rewarding as possible.


Useful articles which give ideas on job searching and so on..


One of the most unusual career changes I facilitated was from banking administrator to equine dentist! Others were from quantity surveyor to project manager, from casual labourer to international shipping officer and another from self-employment to marketing director. Find out what they have to say about me.

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